T3i, Inc.: Offering Best-in-class Training Services to SOF

Shane Reilly, President, T3i, Inc.Shane Reilly, President
The elite warriors from the Army, Air Force, Navy, and the Marines have formed the foundation of the U.S battlefield strategy as the Special Operations Force (SOF) since the end of the Cold War. In conducting precision strikes against terrorists to intelligence collection to set up local government institutions in collaboration with civilians, specialized training, instruction, technical and tactical knowledge are supreme. Whether tactical athletes or SOF operators, their performance goes way beyond traditional strength and conditioning offered by regular training programs. These courses should have a combined aim of elevating on-the-job performance while reducing injury rates and increasing operational longevity. Leveraging this holistic approach to enable operators to be more cognitively, emotionally, and physically prepared in demanding environments is T3i. This veteran-owned company provides high-end tactical and technical services to the SOF. “We solve our customer’s toughest problems and support their most important missions with a full range of unique services and specialized technology solutions. We increase their capabilities through advancement in training and human performance,” mentions Shane Reilly, the President at T3i.

As the success of SOF calls for the highest levels of mental and physical performance, the company has developed human performance programs tailored to the clients’ demands. T3i offers coaching, training, and mentoring services to more than 10,000 Special Operations candidates and operators. Alongside these programs, the company also delivers best-in-class principles to increase their fitness, health, longevity, and overall performance, regardless of their designated job roles.
These initiatives further help build a strong foundation that fosters continuous improvement. T3i’s training programs are based on the principle of acing the basics, for which it offers a variety of courses and high-risk programs, including small-unit tactics, close-quarters combat, marksmanship, demolitions, combatives, canopy control, combat diving, special reconnaissance, and waterborne operations. It also extends its expert services for joint special operations and human intelligence collection that require innovative engineering and technical prowess.

T3i also offers a scalable, web-based Special Operations total force management application called Navigator. This consolidated interface captures physical and non-physical measurables such as demographics, biographic information, physical fitness metrics, and technical ability, among others. All this information can be further used by organizations to track, trend, aggregate, and report on any development in the operation, thus offering a holistic view of the training and development of an operator. Additionally, Navigator brings together disparate data sources into one consolidated unit allowing a Command to make data-driven decisions with minimal effort.

T3i is renowned for its collaborations with several SOF Schoolhouses. While supporting these institutions, the company achieved tangible and lasting results in performance and increased success rates among SOF operators. With its highly-skilled team, the company enables these communities to produce high-quality personnel to serve the nation. Additionally, it also supports a dozen other SOF high-risk training courses, including the Naval Special Warfare Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE), and the Personnel Recovery (PR) School. The company also offers several tactics and tradecraft courses called Camp X for the “Lone Operator” missions to help extend an operator’s life expectancy behind enemy lines. “As the saying goes, failure is not an option, so we take our work very seriously and constantly seek new ideas and innovative ways to better serve our customers,” adds Reilly.

With a mission-focused methodology and deep industry expertise, T3i delivers a variety of classes taught by subject matter experts and veterans who well understand the tactical application of technical solutions to enhance high-risk training and human performance for SOF. Furthermore, being an employee-owned company with no shareholders outside the organizations, the company can make decisions quickly and invest every bit of what it makes to develop and advance its employees via profit-sharing. “Our company is able to push the envelope because the folks we hire are willing and able to explore the uncharted,” further adds Reilly.

Looking into the future, T3i is expanding its footprint in Texas more than anywhere else. Several of its programs in the Lone Star state are growing rapidly. With the shift in DoD to Great Power Competition (GPC), there is a high demand for its Camp X training courses and an increasing need for its human performance optimization services among a broader customer base.
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T3i, Inc.

Coronado, California

Shane Reilly, President

Offer customers a full range of unique tactical services and specialized technology solutions. It increase clients' capabilities through advancements in human performance and our ability to rapidly develop and integrate new and emerging technological solutions

T3i, Inc.

"We solve our customer’s toughest problems and support their most important missions with a full range of unique services and specialized technology solutions. We increase their capabilities through advancement in training and human performance"

- Shane Reilly, President